Raised Bed Photos

Raised Vegetable Bed in a Vancouver GardenRaised Vegetable Bed in a Pacific Northwest Garden growing tomatoes, growing zucchini and growing beans. This raised bed has also been inter planted with lavender, lettuces and a bird bath. Bring on the birds and the bees!

New Build using MBrace Raised Bed KitA Great Way to Build Your Raised Garden Bed. These two vegetable gardens are designed for easy access from all sides. The larger raised bed is 6 feet long by 3 feet wide, and the smaller raised bed is 4 feet long by 3 feet wide. This way the two beds are in proportion to one another, with the smaller raised bed being two thirds the length of the larger raised bed.

MBrace vegetable garden harvest ready

Growing tomatoes side by side with parsley and basil in this raised bed. A perfect combination of vegetables and herbs for an Italian themed kitchen garden. Notice how the vegetable gardener did not fill the raised bed brackets all the way, using four 2 x 4’s to build the side walls. This allowed them to use less vegetable garden soil in their raised bed.

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