Down to the wire! Winning the war on wireworms

Wireworms are on the rise in Canadian crops such as potato, sugar beet, carrot, cole crops forages and cereal grains. Wireworms are the larvae of slender beetles known as click beetles. There are approximately 30 pest species of wireworm in Canada – with many found in potato fields. Before pesticides, potato growing was abandoned in some areas of Canada due to wireworm damage.



There are indications that wireworm numbers are increasing, and damage is growing in many crops. If you aren’t familiar with wireworms, it’s time to learn more about these damaging pests, and determine if they are a threat in your area.

The article below was written by Dr. Bob Vernon, AAFC-Agassiz, B.C.

Down to the wire! Winning the war on wireworms.

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